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Alle McCloskey

Most people run on food, sleep and strong coffee to get through their day. I'm pretty sure my energy comes from pure shots of creativity (although, I'll never turn down your offer for a Coke)! My heart is fullest when I'm being an image-bearer of the Ultimate Creator with my design and branding work, writing, and music. My day-to-day is filled with old children’s books, large doses of refrigerator art, life-giving music and the world’s best cuddles from my two favorite little people. I pray that by infusing my messy-but-beautiful nest with worship and creativity, they too will learn to become followers of the King. Passionate to see the online conversation filled with the redemptive work of Jesus, I get to link arms with my husband, Nate as we document the creative journey of brand building and story crafting at www.FindingEdenMedia.com.