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Lindsey Hartz

For authors, the writing and publishing process is full of life-changing work and Kingdom-building opportunities! However, once the marketing process starts, a feeling of overwhelm, fear of rejection and fear of failure can creep in.

This is why I link arms with authors, publishers, and literary agents to market powerful life-changing stories. By partnering with me, you’re bringing on a team member who will help you create and execute powerful, organized marketing campaigns for a new book release AND provide spiritual and practical encouragement on staying focused on the message and the audience!

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You have spent years crafting the perfect message — one that will resonate with reader's hearts AND souls. You want to bring about life changing messages through the power of the Gospel. But now, you're being asked to market your book in addition to the resources your publisher provides you. Whether you are writing your first book or 10th book, I can help!  If you need guidance and clarity on how to effectively navigate the world of social media, build an engaged platform and utilize an effective book launch team to spread your message to those in need of the message God has laid on your heart, let me help you share your story with the world! Learn More »

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You fight harder than anyone to get your author's words onto the printed page and into stores. You have the same heart I do to share life-changing stories of God and hope with the world. I can help you and your author during this exhilarating but sometimes long, arduous process. From story development and story ideation, to teaching your author strong social media strategies that will help them build an engaged platform, to helping your author build and mobilize a community and effective book launch team well before their book hits the shelves -- all are designed to enhance author engagement and sell more books. Let's work together to help your author reach those in need of their message using a combination of project management, strategy, and author book marketing that will feel natural and organic! Learn More »

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