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In the meantime, are you looking for free support in your writing and marketing journey? If so, take a look below!

This is what I know about you…

  • Your gift of writing enables you to plant seeds of faith in those who are lost.
  • Your gift of writing enables you to water seeds of faith in those that have been hurt or have turned away from faith.
  • Your gift of writing enables you to teach others that God is the only one who can take those planted and watered seeds of faith and turn them into a harvest.
  • Your gift of writing can bless a multitude of lives and ignite faith by offering hope and healing to a hurting world hungry for change and meaning.

But writing can often feel solitary and unrewarding. Sometimes, you feel alone. Sometimes you feel unheard. Sometimes you feel unseen. Sometimes you feel like all your efforts are falling flat.

Now imagine a newsletter and author community where you can:

  • Encourage, support and pray for one another.
  • Share practical tips and tools you’ve found useful in your pursuit of writing, publishing and marketing.
  • Collaborate with other in a non-competitive environment and celebrate each other’s accomplishments and successes.
  • Learn resources and skills others have used to spread their messages far and wide.
  • Talk shop about all things writing – on topics like working with agents and publishers, self-publishing versus traditional publishing, website and blog strategy, email marketing, book launch strategy, interviewing, speaking, creating additional products, book signings and speaking, media and pitching, publicity, and social media.

Here’s what you get as a member…

Challenges and Tips

I will share weekly discussion questions and / or articles designed to remind you of who you are writing for, why you are writing, and how much your words matter. I’ll also challenge you, encourage you and teach you to break the chains of the current “status quo” when it comes to reaching an audience, building your platform, and turning your readers into lifelong advocates of your work.

Daily Connection via the LightBearers Author Community on Facebook

You’ll have direct access to me and your fellow members in the Facebook group. This is your opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded people who provide encouragement, support, feedback, accountability and prayer for one another.

Call for Prayer with the LightBearer members

While the Facebook group will provide practical, applicable tips and resources, sometimes you just need a prayer team to get through fear, rejection, comparison, and unforeseen obstacles or difficult circumstances in your writing life. We will have a Prayer Post or hold a Facebook Live / Zoom call once a month. The call-in information will be made available to everyone in the Facebook group in advance of the scheduled call.

Weekly Roundup and Newsletter

You’ll receive a weekly roundup email with links to the important topics covered in the Facebook Group that week. This roundup is strictly to provide you a quick resource to the valuable conversation you might have missed in the group that week and will never include sales pitches or special offers.

You’ll also receive a newsletter from me a few times a month. This one will occasionally have sales pitches and special offers and the occasional affiliate offer I have personally purchased and tested and believe will help you on your writing journey.

However, my newsletter will also dive deeper into practical strategy for creating messages designed to move others to a life of faith and impact through the power of your words. I’ll be including video interviews with some of your favorite authors and experts on their inspiring and sometimes hard writing, publishing and marketing journeys and will share occasional giveaways, funny stories, favorite books and ways words have moved and shaped me through my work with my clients.

COMING SOON: FB Live Office Hours and Monthly Training

We will have FB Live Office Hours, teaching webinars and / or interviews with other authors and experts in areas like website design, email marketing, book launch strategy, publicity, social media, ministry burnout, and overcoming obstacles in the writing life. You will not be obligated to purchase anything in order to attend the webinar live and get actionable advice / resources you can apply immediately. Recordings will be free for a limited time, and then available for purchase at a low cost after that time has passed. FB Live Office Hours with me are always free and will be accessible via the Facebook Group.

Here’s what you WON’T get as a member…


This is not a self-promotion group. We do not promote our own work or ask each other to like it, vote for it, or promote it outside of the weekly share thread I will post. Our goal is to create a community of trust, relationship and community!